About Us

About Matrix

Matrix has grown organically and by acquisitions over 23 years to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of raw materials to the rotomoulding industry. We have always believed that our unique focus on this fantastic process means we are well placed to offer the best technical sales and support in the business. One of our key objectives is to bring fresh ideas and exciting new materials to the market and expand the range of products that can be rotomoulded.

We have strong technical roots and like to work in close collaboration with our customers. We also have close partnerships with our suppliers. Some of whom are the world’s largest petrochemical companies. We offer one of the widest ranges of materials and several of our key grades have been developed by us under our ‘design for roto’ concept. These are made to our own recipe and produced exclusively for Matrix.

Our first compounding and grinding manufacturing plant was established in Liverpool in 1997. As the business has grown we have expanded globally and now have six production sites across the globe on three continents. We now have two production sites in Europe, one in Australia, one in New Zealand and one in Asia.

Our rotomoulding technical centre is based in the UK. As well as a wide range of sophisticated testing equipment, pilot-scale manufacturing and colour-matching the technical centre also has a production-scale carousel rotomoulding machine. This is used daily for new product development and testing and to help customers with trialling. Recently we have also installed a new high output dual ultra-mill which will be available for toll processing and the production of other non-rotomolding powders. We have further technical facilities in Poland, Australia and Asia.

We are one of the largest suppliers of coloured, compounded powder to the rotomoulding industry in Australia and New Zealand. In 2010 we acquired the business of Vanglobe and in 2015 we acquired the business of Hills Polymers.

What makes us unique

We are focused on developing, producing and supplying the best raw materials to the rotational moulding industry.

Our people. We have expertise in all areas- polymer chemistry and polymer design, compounding, grinding, rotomoulding, colour-matching, logistics, customer service, sales support and product development.

We’re constantly working to develop new materials to push the boundaries of the process. We are committed to innovation and to helping our customers make the most of new opportunities.

We are investing heavily in R&D and are focused on developing non-PE materials to grow the range of applications possible within rotomoulding.

We have created a global team of technical experts. Aldo Quaratino, our Technical Director, leads the team and Dr Lei Wang is now seconded to Malaysia to support customers in South Asia and China.

Our sales teams combine technical expertise with vast practical experience.

Our Plants

Matrix Polymers has six production sites across the globe on three continents producing natural and coloured powders. We have two in Europe- Liverpool (UK) and Koło (Poland), one in Australia- Brisbane, one in New Zealand- Palmerston North and one in Asia- Shah Alam (Malaysia).

Our global rotomoulding technical centre is based in the UK and we have further technical resources at each of our production sites.

Safer Future

Matrix develops in-oven kill switch system & new procedures in response to industry tragedy.

Following the tragic death of a production worker at a rotational moulding company making kayaks in the UK, materials supplier Matrix Polymers has developed an in-oven kill switch and other procedures to make sure such an incident cannot happen again.

The accident happened when a supervisor was cleaning the inside of an oven and another production worker started the machine without knowing someone was inside.

There has been much discussion and soul-searching in the industry following this tragedy and it has led companies like Matrix Polymers to review their procedures and make sure such a terrible thing could not happen to one of their employees.

Matrix Polymers is a company that specialises in producing materials for rotational moulding and they are not a rotomoulder, however the company does have a full scale Ferry carousel rotomoulding machine which it uses daily for materials testing and development.

Commitment to Innovation

The future success of rotomoulding depends upon companies coming up with innovative new designs and products and suppliers developing new raw materials. Matrix is committed to innovation and to helping our customers fully exploit the potential of rotomoulding. We have a large technical team spread across the globe working on developing new rotomoulding raw materials to support our customers.

Our Markets

Being a global operation we understand the unique opportunities that exist for different applications around the globe. There is great potential for co-operation and joint venturing between rotomoulders around the globe and we actively seek to encourage links and partnerships between our customers. This includes assisting moulders who are seeking to sell or who are looking for investors. We also help companies who are looking for companies to acquire.

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