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Our datasheets provide detailed technical information about our wide range of rotomoulding powders and granules to help you select the most suitable material for your job.


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      Crosslinked polyethylene material has outstanding impact and ESCR properties, very high flow and stiffness.
      This material is TÜV approved. Typical applications for Crosslink include diesel fuel tanks, chemical storage tanks
      and any application requiring outstanding physical properties.

      Our flame retardant materials based on PE and PP are compliant to UL94. Typical applications include litter bins,
      products for the transport industry and indoor products requiring flame retardancy.


      Conductive materials based on PE, Crosslinkable PE and PP stop the build up of a static charge and prevent
      sparks which may cause an explosion. These materials are used for containers and conveyors of dust and
      powder where static explosions are a significant risk. They are also used in mining and ammunitions applications.
      There is a food approved grade, a crosslinkable grade and a polypropylene based version available.
    • FOAM

      Our technical department has developed several different foam grades for a wide range of single or
      multi-layered applications. These include soft foam for increased flexibility, non-stick foam and higher
      expansion foam. They can also be used for applications requiring thermal insulation and acoustic dampening.

      Antibacterial powders are effective against E.coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Salmonella and MRSA which make
      the product suitable for hospital and sanitary applications.

      This is a fast cycling LMDPE with a wide processing window, good mouldability and superb natural colour.
      The material has been modified to include antistatic properties and is fully UV stabilised.

      This material can be used for permanent lining of steel containers (rotolining) to enhance chemical resistance.


      Polypropylene materials benefit from being stiff, hard and are able to cope with higher temperatures than
      polyethylene. In rotomoulding however, polypropylene has always suffered from extremely poor impact
      performance especially at lower temperatures. The S-TeQ PP 35 developed by Matrix Polymers is an enhanced
      version of polypropylene and gives better toughness.

      ReClear15 is a rotomouldable polycarbonate grade. Its low viscosity makes it an ideal grade for applications
      where aesthetic appeal is more important than impact strength. It conforms to UL94 V-2 flame retardancy and is
      very hard and stiff.

      Matrix have long been the distributor for Arkema’s Rilsan Rotomoulding Grades. Our PA12 and our 100%
      renewably sourced PA11 are easy to Rotomould without the need for an inert atmosphere. Both grades offer
      very high permeation resistance to oils and fuels and can operate at high temperatures making them ideal for
      automotive applications.

      Explore PB33 is a rotomouldable thermoplastic elastomer which exhibits high temperature resistance and a
      degree of flexibility which makes the grade suitable for “under bonnet” automotive applications.
    • PVDF

      Polyvinylidene Fluoride is a highly non-reactive and pure thermoplastic material. It has outstanding chemical
      resistance, high temperature resistance and low permeability. It is also flame retardant and available as a
      natural opaque powder. Widely used in the chemical, semi-conductor, medical and defence industries.
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